Thursday, 15 November 2012

I Started a Blog

I have no idea what I'm doing, but I thought why not start a blog? So many people talk about blogs and the closest thing I've had was a Tumblr that for a month I wrote some really in depth articles about camera gear on but I haven't updated in years. I've felt that what I post on social networks is satisfactory to me. In the sense that I feel like that's where the people are and that's where I will make more connections. All of the buzz about bloggers and all of the ones I know I've discovered on Google+ for the most part. Last night I watched a G+ hangout on air done by Colleen Jorgensen and she explained how G+ was helping out her blog. I think that might have been the factor that pushed me to start one today. I also think I'm excited to try something that feels entirely new and fresh to see what I can build up.

Once I post this I'm going to see what things I can do with a blog. How I can customize it, what other people are doing, the purpose of a blog, that kind of stuff. The blogger I've known the longest would probably be Thomas Hawk, the second one would be Derek K. Miller who's sadly passed away. He's the one who gave me the camera and lens collage ideas on Flickr that are my most popular posts.

Hmm, what can you expect from this blog? Probably thoughts on art, photography, architecture, history, Google+, exploring the world in Google Street View, stuff along those lines. Perhaps with a wee bit of Tibby thrown in there for good measure.


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